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Credibility is the treatment guidelines for our relationship with customers, enterprises and between employees and between employees and employees.


Responsibility coupling link between the company and customers, enterprises and employees, the relationship between our staff and employees.


Product quality and service quality is always the lifeblood of business, every employee can expect a conscientious and meticulous.


Collective success comes from the joint efforts of each member, we need good communication and collaboration.

Service awareness

Business success comes from customer support and trust, we use good faith in exchange for services.

Good relationship

Good relationships, our company is a measure of the ability of each individual important reference.


Continue to learn in order to progress, we respect every studious, thoughtful, the pursuit of employees.

As a pursuit of outstanding packaging business, jebshun slogan is "do the best in the world of bags." To achieve this goal, the most important thing is people. Jieshun talent is: character, moderate capability, work-oriented, team first. Jebshun use of personnel and pay attention to is: good moral character, responsibility, cooperation, initiative.

Our day to day production of packaging bags, the secret of success is to do simple things repeat and do aesthetic. attitude determines everything; details makes success.

Jieshun company will adhere to the "business ethics, rather than weeks, to complain directly" for the purpose, to do a hundred years old and meticulous work, tireless efforts.

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